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The Law on Rental of Residences for Tourism Purposes and Amendments to Other Laws (Law no 7464)

The Law on Rental of Residences for Tourism Purposes and Amendments to Other Laws (“Law”)”, so called “Airbnb Law”, was published on the Official Gazette dated 2 November 2023 and numbered 32357. The articles of the Law regarding rental of residences for tourism purposes shall enter into force on 1 January 2024.

⇒ In brief, the Law introduces:

i) Housing rentals covering a period of period of less than 100 days at a time are included in the scope of the Law. The ones exceeding 100 days are out of scope.

ii) Permit certificate must be obtained from Ministry of Culture and Tourism before entering into a lease agreement.

iii) For the submission of permit applications, it is mandatory to present a decision unanimously adopted by all condominium owners in the building where the independent unit (to be rented) is located.

iv) The number of the independent units subject to permit certificate in the same building and belong to the same lessor is restricted with “five (5)”. If it exceeds five, the lessor is required to file a submission for workplace opening license.

v) Sub-lease by the lessee is forbidden. However, used of the housing rentals by the personnel of the lessee is not in the scope of the restriction.

vi) The Law on Identity Notification (1774) shall be applicable to the permit certificate holders. The identity of the lessees/residents should be notified to the relevant enforcement authority.

vii) The Law introduces detailed administrative fines for the ones who do not comply with the provisions of the Law.

⇒ The residences which are permitted for short term lease by their construction management plans and the high-quality residences with multiple independent units that offer services such as reception, security, daily cleaning, health services, dry cleaning, laundry, transportation, dining, shopping, gym, and swimming pool will be exempt from “the necessity of unanimous approval of condominium owners” and “the restriction of five independent units”.

⇒ The lessors who are renting their residences for tourism purposes at the time the Law comes into force are required to file a submission for permit certificate before the Ministry of Culture and Tourism within one (1) month following the effective date.

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